Community Guidelines


一個良好、健康的討論社群需要大家合作和支持。因此AfterSchool Education Limited (以下簡稱AfterSchool)為此社群定立了以下守則,以維繫本社群的健康高質討論。



  1. 具體地寫出你遇到咩問題,例如「點解我___________做計唔到正確答案?」或「呢題點解要用呢個方法去做?用另一個方法得唔得?」。
  2. 確保你有嘗試去解決該問題,而非利用此社區來找人代你做功課。
  3. 同一個話題內,最多只可問一條問題。
  4. 如有你需要加入圖片,請確保該圖片係清晰可見。
  5. 問題被解決後,需盡快選擇合適的留言作為最佳答案。


  • 發放含有粗言穢語、嘔心、或色情的文字或圖片
  • 提供有版權之物品,包括但不限於圖片或文檔(例如:Past Paper)
  • 於平台上開設多於一個帳戶(俗稱分身)
  • 刊登他人或自己的私人資料,包括但不限於相片、電話號碼、地址或電郵
  • 濫發主題或留言
  • 進行未經授權的商業活動
  • 向任何人以任何形式作出人身攻擊


Community Guidelines

A good and healthy community is built on the collaboration, support and mutual respect from each and every member. Therefore, AfterSchool Education Limited (hereinafter, "AfterSchool") has set the following code of conduct to ensure the quality of the discussion made on this platform.

Rules for questions

Please make sure your question meets the following criteria before asking:

  • Be specific. State clearly what your problem is. For example, "Why I can't use _ to calculate the answer?", "Is there any other approaches other than this?"
  • Please make sure you have attempted the question before asking. Do not use this method to find someone to do your work.
  • Only one question is asked in the post.
  • If you embedded photo(s) please make sure they are clear enough.
  • Please select a best answer ASAP when the question is solved

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Sending foul languages, disgusting, sexually explicit photos or links redirected to websites with these content.
  • Providing copyrighted materials including but not limited to images or documents (e.g. Past Paper)
  • Having multiple accounts on the platform
  • Providing personal particulars of oneself or others. Including but not limited to image, phone number, address or email.
  • Spamming posts or comments
  • Any unauthorized commercial activities
  • Any form of cyber bullying or personal attacks

AfterSchool may delete any related posts or comments or ban the related accounts temporarily or permanently according to the severity of the case. During the suspension period, the banned account can no longer post new posts or comments. However, temporarily banned accounts will still be able to view posts and comments. AfterSchool reserve all the rights regarding deleting posts/ comments and banning accounts.